Pixel of Genius is a small team of web developers from New York. We’re coffee driven computer geeks who love to tinker with websites and can always be found either at the computer desk, working on a project, or sleeping and dreaming about being at the computer desk, working on a project.

Just kidding, we’re not that far gone, but we seriously do put in a lot of hours for our clients, working on various projects. We’re not complaining about it, on the contrary, it’s a privilege of ours, being able to help our clients achieve their dreams. After all, they do the same for us.

Total of 6 of us is working in the company at the moment. We’re a diverse group of individual who are working on making this world a better place by creating beautiful websites. If we’re not working on websites for a client, we have our own projects that we are working on.

Soon we plan on switching our efforts to creating mobile apps. It’s not something that we as developers have had a lot of experience in, but seeing how the market seems to be shifting more and more to mobile app development, that’s where we have to follow.