Pixel of Genius

Pixel of genius is a small web development team that offers a wide variety of services ranging from building websites to online marketing and search engine optimization.

Your website, your way

Owning a website is must these days for any business out there. Not having a website means that you lose potential customers who either prefer shopping online, or who like to do research online before committing to buy. Pixel of Genius offers creative solutions to clients who are looking only the best web design, web development and online marketing campaign management. Clients of ours so far range from popular websites that talk about latest tech like RC long range drones, to small business owners like contractors, plumbers, hairdressers, etc.

Feedback is important

Feedback is the key to the success of our little creative agency. We have been working with people from all walks of life. First thing that we tell our potential clients is that we want to hear as much input as possible when building a website for them or when working on their online campaign. Getting feedback from clients is the only way how we can have a happy customer. That has always been a guide of ours in the work that we do and always will be. So far we’ve had around 60 happy clients who worked with us this way and none of them have complained. We hope that you’ll be our next happy customer.

Remaining relative

Staying up to date on all the latest technologies out there keep businesses like ours relevant. Pixel of Genius is a young team of tech geeks who love what they do. We’re familiar with and capable of building websites that are responsive, meaning accessible across multiple devices, easily customizable and that can administered even by those without a lot of experience building websites. After we’re done setting up a website, people can easily add new content of their own using graphical editors, without the need of getting down and dirty with any kind of code or anything like that.

Unlimited tweaks

Something that we as a company are especially proud of is our guarantee of unlimited tweaks after delivering a completed website design or online marketing campaign to a client. We’re sure you’ll love our initial web dev work and that there isn’t going to be a lot of additional repairs that we offer the ability of unlimited tweaks after delivering the finished product. If you still feel the need to tweak something, we’ll be there for you until everything is perfected just the way you want it to be. Once we make the last tweak push, the website is yours to do with it as you please. 🙂

Summary of our features

Stats reporting

Each of the websites that we create for our clients comes with built-in activity tracking, so that we know how many visitors exactly the website had. This is especially important for keeping track of marketing campaigns that you might setup for your website.

Multi-language websites

Many of our clients have companies that are conducting business on an international level. They get customers from all over the world, so we're pretty well versed in creating websites that are multilingual, available in several different languages with a nice language selector that allows people to switch the language that they view the website in.

Security is the key

Security is an important issue for any website these days. Hackers are always on the lookout for cracks in the defenses of a website. Plugins are the easiest way how to expand functionality of a website, so many people tack dozens of them on a website. We try to keep that to minimum in order to improve website safety.

Responsive design

A responsive website is any website that adjusts itself to the type of device that it's viewed on. Essentially it has special code that makes it change regardless of whether a person views it on a smartphone, a table, a laptop, or a giant desktop PC monitor.

Community is important

Website is nothing without having a community around it. By adding features like a discussion forum, questions and answers section, newsletters and social media integration, we make it easier to build a community of users that will frequently visit your website.

Easy to use

Confusing interfaces, which aren't easy to understand, can ruin even the most informative of websites. Keeping everything easily viewable, and properly arranged is vital for a company website. Let us make the best possible website for your business.

Pixel of Genius team built a website for my hair saloon and I love how everything looks, it's stylish and modern. What I like the most however is the ease of use of the website control panel that the guys have setup. A+++, this is the the team to choose if you're a small time business owner looking to build a website.
Kate Sinclair

Have you heard enough?

We hope that you've heard enough of us tooting our own horn, and you're getting ready to shoot us an email for setting up an initial assessment of what kind of work you need done. Regardless of what your needs are, do you need a website created from scratch? Are you looking to setup an online marketing campaign? We're here for you. Send us a message and we'll do the rest.